30 March 2008

Gilding Cincinnati

One of the themes explored on "building-cincinnati.com" is the effort to encourage middle class people to move downtown. From our point of view among the Mad & the Marginal, we are gratified to see the drug mules and hookers gone from 12th and Vine. Nevertheless, building-cincinnati.com's enthusiasm for downtown's potential is focused mainly upon replacing impoverishment and blight with middle class and affluent residents. The question of housing the poor and the homeless inspires less enthusiasm. We recently commented on b-c.com's take on development in downtown and OTR: "It should be clear to anybody acquainted with the record foreclosure statistics of late, that home ownership is not a reasonable goal for many citizens. Mr. Bush's "Ownership Society" is currently nowhere to be found. Housing for single people, for individuals, is sorely needed in Cincinnati. Decades of housing policies hostile to SRO's have reduced almost to zero the ability of many working class single people to live alone. While encouraging families to move downtown, we should also provide ways to move people off the street, out of shelters, and into affordable housing. Housing does not always mean 'house.' "

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