26 April 2008

Sparrows and Dealers

Controlled substance is still being peddled directly in front of Carl's 1132 bar. It's not a 24/7 enterprise the way it used to be at 12th and Republic, but transactions are being made at the curb. Drivers pull over, money is exchanged. Sometimes the substance is handed over at that location, or sometimes the customer is directed to pick up at another location. By the time the CSPA building is completed months from now, you could well imagine a more concerted effort at enforcement. Parents who send there kids to CSPA will expect the neighborhood to be an improvement over Broadway south of Liberty. The required enforcement effort is probably a few months away, however. The current residents of this neighborhood, the mad and the marginal, the homeless and the working poor, do not have the rhythm required to change the current approach to enforcement, or to drug policy in general. We keep our heads down, we eyeball the block for any available defilade should shots be fired, and we keep our eye on the sparrow.

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