30 June 2008


Albimo Temporary Hotel Rooms look like upscale intermodal containers with doors and windows. Inside you find a compact living space with all the hotel/motel amenities. Abilmo is a French manufacturer whose idea is that these Temporary Hotel Rooms can be purchased or leased by organizations that have periodic overflows of guests, but not so many guests to require construction of a permanent hotel structure. In Marginopolis, we look at Albimo's website (see link list) and wonder: could less well appointed versions of Albimo's temporary hotel room units be fabricated to house the homeless? Obviously there would be questions to resolve about zoning, water or sewer connections, etc. Somewhere, there must be an urban planner or housing agency that might want to try such a solution. Even temporary housing can save somebody's life, and buy them time to attempt a re-entry into a life within the margins that jobs, housing, medical care and education can provide.

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