12 June 2008

Trenching Toward Bethlehem

At 12th and Vine you experience what the French call deja trench. It's that uncanny feeling you have when you could swear you've seen that trench somewhere before. In fact, you saw that trench in '06, when it was located on West 12th, extending from Race St. eastward past Republic, but not quite to Vine. The road-trenching-cum-utility-maintenance-crew uses really big dump trucks to contain the dirt and jackhammered shards of pavement they need to get out of their way. And as these dump trucks sit for long periods of time while the front end loaders load them up, their engines remain running. Why leave the dump trucks idling? Possibly so that the cab is cool when the driver climbs back in? Which would make sense, because nobody wants the driver of a truck this large suffering from heat exhaustion in transit. Or are they using the dump trucks to run some electrically powered equipment? I've looked for cables and can't see any. Granted, my eyesight is not perfect behind these charity specs I wear. I'm curious about whether the road workers are using the dump truck engines to run something, or are simply wasting fuel in order to ingratiate themselves with the House of Saud. Anyone who knows the answer, please contact dc.

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CityKin said...

Truckers and city workers leave their engines running, it's just the way things are...

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