16 July 2008


Senator Charles Grassley, (D) Iowa, is currently investigating the financial arrangements between Big Pharma and M.D.'s and Ph.D's who have done research on new pharmaceuticals. Grassley's U.S.Senate committee is looking into allegations that psychiatrists have taken large payoffs in exchange for obscuring or overlooking negative information in their reports on the safety and efficacy of drugs up for FDA approval. Several doctors across the country are involved. Locally, the University of Cincinnati's Professor Melissa Del Bello has allegedly accepted many thousands of dollars from AstraZeneca in exchange for uncritical reviews of new drugs.

If you are currently taking psychiatric meds manufactured by AstraZeneca, a good place to start your own inquiry is www.pharmalot.com. Ed Silverman's site shines a bright light on Big Pharma, and there are two recent postings about Senator Grassley's investigations.

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