05 July 2008

Gun Shot Residue

On Central Parkway between Vine and Main, Cawdry has a commercial space for rent. The sign in the window proclaims that the ground level floor space is available for lease, and contact information is provided. What's unusual is the logo. The sign features a red bullseye on a white background. In the center of the bullseye is a bullet hole complete with a halo of powder burns. As if the round was fired from close range. What in god's name does this have to do with leasing commercial space? Is this Cawdry's way of embracing OTR's reputation as a former shooting gallery? Or maybe somebody clicked on the wrong clip art sample and misprinted the signs? (Okay, that's a longshot. And no pun intended.) Maybe this is Cawdry's way of celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision on gun control? Dancing piggies to celebrate Cincinnati's porkopolis heritage are one thing. Cute, eyecatching and it's been done before. But bullet holes are not ambience. Cawdry is tawdry and OTR and downtown deserve better. (Photos of the offending window signs can be seen on the July 13 posting at www.visualingual.wordpress.com. )

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