23 August 2008

12th & Republic comment on Firedoglake.com's "For McCain, It's All About Ohio."

FIRE IN THE LAKE REDUX Here in Ohio, McCain is running a nasty TV ad that accuses Obama of being friends with a former Weather Underground member. The person in question apparently lives in Chicago near Obama, and the Republican Party decided to resurrect insinuations made by Sen. Clinton during the primary campaign. Maybe my memory is faulty, but I recall that a couple Weather operatives blew themselves up with their own bomb. The McCain attack ad claims that Obama has a longstanding friendship with people “who blew up the US Capitol.” But, isn’t the Capitol still there? Obviously, Ohio is important to McCain. There are no Obama ads here as invidious and paranoid as this recent attack ad from the Republicans. John McCain has said that he has never been able to forgive a fellow prisoner of war for lying on tape for the North Vietnamese in exchange for better treatment. Yet nearly 40 years later McCain is willing to place lies before the camera in exchange for votes. McCain responds to what the Vietnamese might call “fire in the lake” with paranoia-mongering and rewritten history. I’m voting for Obama. dcsouthpaw

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