05 September 2008


Recently there's been a flurry of jaywalking tickets in OTR, especially in the two or three blocks above Central Parkway. Mentally ill people who live in the neighborhood usually understand why they have been cited, but a few do not. If you are mentally ill and live at Tender Mercies, or in the lower end of OTR near downtown, try to cross at the crosswalks. Under Ohio law, if you are struck by a car while jaywalking, you can pretty much forget about compensation. If you are struck by a car while in a crosswalk, however, the driver who hit you is usually liable. Mentally ill residents of OTR, if issued a citation for jaywalking, crossing against the light, etc., should consider having what the court calls a mental health advocate. A case manager, for example, (assuming you can get ahold of him or her) can appear in court with you if the citation requires you to be there. Don't argue with the police. You won't win the argument. Instead, call your case manager and request his or her presence when you go to your court date. If you have perceptual or processing issues, it might be worth letting the court know about it.

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