28 January 2009


In London, UK, a recent tactic to "relocate" the homeless is the washdown. Homeless people, and the places they go to sleep, are hosed down until sleeper and sleeping location are thoroughly drenched. Apparently this is even done in cold weather. The belief is that hosing down the homeless will "encourage" them to "move on." There is no provision or protocol that creates a location to which the inundated homeless can go. Stop The Washdown is a group on Facebook.com that advocates against such practices. They accept new members from all over the globe.

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moyper said...

er, not so 'recent' a tactic... I was witness to this in 1975, as the early morning water carts hosed down men in central London who were sleeping out overnight in an attempt to be first in line for the doling out of early morning jobs in the casual workers' trades. Such despicable practices by officialdom make one ashamed to be British!

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