05 January 2009


Next time you're in the 700 block of Main Street, maybe after you've hit the salad bar at Ciancciola's market, check out downtown Cincinnati's newest retail enterprise: The Main Street Casket Company. This ain't no goth nightclub. Main Street Casket has a wide selection of caskets for all your internment-of-the-dead needs. I was personally disappointed to find no mannequins occupying any of the caskets on display in the window. Some of us need help visualizing how the loved one will appear while so ensconced. No, I don't find this offensive. Hiding and sanitizing death the way the funeral industry does is an unnatural sort of theatrics. But selling elaborately ornamented caskets out of a storefront, the way you would sell so many Buicks or washing machines, is not the answer either. It is not the dead who make this purchase, after all; it is the living to whom the funeral industry markets its dismal accoutrements.

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