13 February 2009


Those readers who have recently died may recall my January 5th post about the Main Street Casket Company. MSCC is now featuring a tasteful collection of urns for those of you who choose to be cremated. In case of spillage, you may also wish to purchase a ShopVac from Ace Hardware down the street. Here in Marginopolis, we have received a couple of rather defensive comments from Anonymous, who advocates for the funeral industry. While we sympathize with Anonymous's need to make a living, it is not our policy to publish unattributable comments. Cincinnati is a city that sends it's unclaimed human remains to medical schools for heavy use by medical students. The Haves get buried; the HaveNots get dissected. Those of my readers who are no longer among the Living will best understand my ambivalence regarding the mortuary business. Proper burial and commemoration of the Loved One is more a function of financial resource, and less about tradition or cultural mores. Fortunately, Main Street Casket Company attempts to make burial more affordable, and their recent foray into cremation urns will certainly bring Death within the financial reach of a wider clientele.

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