10 April 2009


The Washington Park Preacher has returned. He looks like he's put on some weight, and there are some changes to his evangelizing. This is the new and improved WPP. Now he aims his loudspeaker at the school construction site, rather than residential buildings. Instead of preaching fire, brimstone and damnation, he has a new message. Every other sentence begins with "I." Yes, the quotidian details of the WPP's life are now paradigms, parables, and a source of material for his Saturday sermons. Also part of the WPP's new approach: Jeering, dismissive references to "those Catholics," and "those Jews." The Washington Park Preacher wants to thank God that He did not make him like the rest of men. Or like the women, whom the WPP believes are created to serve as helpmates for men. Thus the envelope on protected speech continues to be pushed on Saturday afternoons. We can't wait to see how the faculty and students at CSPA embrace their new spiritual adviser. Oh. That's right. Some of the faculty and students are Catholic, and some are Jewish, are they not? Nevertheless they have more important tasks to ponder, such as attempting to relocate at least some of the homeless people from the Drop Inn Center to less accessible parts of town. Somebody say amen.

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