11 June 2009

Container Housing Update

Shipping container housing for the homeless is a topic considered here before. I am ambivalent about a more popular trend: the sexing up, or possibly gentrification, of shipping container housing. Should such a ubiquitous and inexpensive resource be transformed into something upscale and exclusive, then an opportunity to get people off the street --- while giving the taxpayers a break --- will be lost. It is cheaper to house homeless people than to warehouse them in jails or shelters. Nevertheless, fabprefab.net is a terrific starting point if you are curious about what can be built with new or used shipping containers. This link will take you, not to their home page, but to their coverage of some design contest winners. All the structures had to be made from shipping containers, with the the completed building mandated to be comprised of more shipping container than not. http://www.fabprefab.net/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=d7584eee1b989d12aaa8c539a63e8675&action=search2

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