08 October 2009


Dutifully, I reported my change of address to the Social Security Administration. By way of response, SSA sent me a letter which contained, in the text, the new address. The letter further explained that my updated address would be entered into "the system" by October 6. Wait a minute. October 6 also happens to be the date of the SSA letter itself. And the letter itself had to be forwarded to me from my old address. SSA acknowledges and correctly prints out my new address, then sends this information to me at my old address.


John F. said...

It is my belief that they send that note to your old address in case the address change was erroneously or fraudulently submitted on your behalf.

In that case, you'd get the notice at your old address, note that it was mistaken, and you'd have the opportunity to fix it.

But it seems pretty goofy, to be sure. And I can't explain the date.

Carney said...

Makes sense. One of those theory-vs.-practice things.

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