31 December 2009

Digression 1.2: Email from Shanghai

Recently received an email from a friend's address, but I am quite sure she didn't write it. An outfit from Shanghai called unsico.com, purports to offer all sorts of electronic and computer stuff for impossibly low prices. They apparently phish both your email address as well as all the addresses in your contact file. That way unsico's bogus offers appear to come from one of your friends. You might even mistakenly believe that your friend is endorsing unsico.com. Don't push that reply button.
davidcarney to bernicebirnbauer@schleppmail.com 10:21 p.m. Bernie, Somehow an internet scam known as unsico.com is using your email address to send out bogus solicitations. The sent-to-addresses may have come from your contact file. Think about deleting your present email at gmail and opening another one. Unsico.com operates out of Shanghai, their ads are written in broken English, and they only accept payment via wire transfer or Western Union. I.e., your money disappears. I thought about sending it to you, but decided to just delete it. Since I opened it, it might have phished me, so it might be time to change my address as well. Wordpress has a page about unsico, but I have yet to hear from google. Talk about "getting Shanghaied." These guys are such a cliche. dc

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