30 January 2010

Just Wondering

Have you seen the graffiti on the concrete pillars at the south entrance to Washington Park? Last year a serious effort was made to give those pillars a thorough cleaning. Years of graffiti and pigeon guano was removed. The workers who did the job wore bio hazard suits and probably required many months of intense psychotherapy afterward. But shortly after this clean-up, somebody used a permanent marker to write a graffito about somebody named Janet. It reads: "Janet ______ has aids." Another in the same hand reads: "Janet ______ got aids. Just ask her." So many questions arise. Have I dated anybody named Janet? No. Did the author of the graffiti date Janet? Is he a bitter ex who tested positive, or is the author just slandering Janet, who may not have AIDS at all? Maybe she just borrowed his car and wrecked it! And this is his payback? Or perhaps the author is a woman competing with Janet for some guy's affection? Then is this her way of eliminating the competition? Oh, shame on you, anonymous scoundrel, whoever you are.


John F. said...

There are similar graffiti on the New York Dry Cleaners facade on Main. It mentions a gentleman's first and last name who she allegedly transmitted HIV to and another disease she allegedly has. I too was fascinated by these statements and can't help but wonder about the story behind them.

VisuaLingual said...

I've been seeing the Janet graf all over the basin. At first, I started documenting all the instances, but then I realized that I'd never publish them online, in case this is a real person's name.

Carney said...

Thanks for the updates. In Marginopolis, her
name is simply ________. The idea of assigning
blame for disease is what the author of these
nasty little epistles needs to reconsider.
Obviously, he or she has made more of a career
of this than I realized.

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