11 February 2010


Showe Management is running an add in today's (02/11/10) Enquirer advertising apartments for rent at 609 Walnut Street, downtown. Coincidentally, 609 Walnut is the address of the Metropole, the building from which residents are expecting to be "relocated," so that the property can be "redeveloped." A caller to Showe Management was told that they had no information about that, although it's true that "long term leases are not available at this time." Perhaps 3CDC wants to have its cake and evict it, too. Elsewhere in The Enquirer, Lisa Bernhard reported today that residents at the Metropole have gone long periods of time without hot water. A worn out anode rod in your water heater is not a problem; it's an opportunity! Lack of hot water is just the sort of negative reinforcement that will encourage tenants to move. Assuming they can afford to.

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