29 March 2010

Just Wondering 2.0

   McEwan checked in regarding the January post about graffiti in Washington Park.  The graffiti writer claims that a woman he names has AIDS, herpes, bubonic plague, etc.  McEwan alleges that this might have been an art school prank.  I can't publish McEwan's comment because he included what he believes is the woman's real name.  If McEwan is correct about the name,  I would prefer to maintain the woman's privacy, assuming she exists.  The speculation about an art school connection is interesting.  Who knows? One student's prank is another student's thesis. 
   At last glance, and as of at least 3 weeks ago, the offending graffito had been scrubbed off the pillars at the park entrance.  If  this is the future of public art, I say place derelict railroad cars in the park, weld the doors shut, and let the graffiti writers have at it. 


McEwan said...

Am I the "McEwan" you are talking about? I didn't think I mentioned any name more than you already did in your post.

I work at an organization where we keep records of all the reported graffiti across the city. We have a huge folder of this particular tag/message. Dozens of them across the city.

The art school story came to me via a neighbor.

I'll let you know if I ever find out any more information!

Carney said...
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Carney said...

Thanks again, McEwan. This story certainly has more legs than I anticipated. FYI, I altered the name from the graffito to protect the innocent and probably enable the guilty.

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